Hardy’s No-Parachute Rise of Flight Server

Since October 3rd 2015 I have my own Rise of Flight Server running. It’s called Hardy’s No Parachute and you may find it in Rise of Flight Mulitplayer Server list while running RoF in Mods-Off mode.



I’m running self designed maps on that server. Despite some older maps that will be removed from that server as new one follows, all maps will have a mission build upon historical examples and fact as much as possible while trying to keep the fun in the game.

For each of the historic maps you will find a lot of background information as well as a detailed map and mission description.

List of maps:

Some of the maps are old ones that will be replaced by newer ones that have a historical background.

There’s also a Statistics Server running: http://stats.no-parachute.one

A Teamspeak 3 Server is running at ts3server://ts3.no-parachute.one:9987

I would also like to have your comments, ideas or bug reports on my maps. Please don’t hesitate to use the following form to submit your thoughts:

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