Aerial War in December 1915

December 1st, 1915:

Mesopotamia: Fliegerabteilung No.2 under the command of Hauptmann von Auleck leaves San Stefano for Baghdad. The FA is equipped with ten aircraft of which four are Pfalz parasol aircraft.

Pfalz A.1

Germany: First flight of the Junkers J.1 the first full metal monoplane.

Junkers J.I

Eastern Front: In December 1915 the first Russian Fighter-Squadron was formed of some Sikorsky Single-Seater aircraft equipped with MG that are firing through the propeller arc. But the synchronizer gear is not reliable.

December 4th, 1915:

Mesopotamia: The Siege of Kut begins. The last two british seaplanes leaving Kut. At December 6th two other aircraft are leaving.

December 5th, 1915:

Libya: Two BE2c flew the first of numerous reconaissance missions for the Western Frontier Forsce (WFF) againse the Senussy from Matruh. Two additional flights of the RFC were send to Fayum ath the 8th of December and later, 18th of December, to El Hammam to observe  Oases.

December 7th, 1915:

Mesopotamia: Captain H.A. Petre in the Farman MF.7 is ordered to leave for Basra along with many of the Australian mechanics. Captain H.A. Petre would arrive later in Egypt where 1 Sqn Australian Flying Corps was building up to operational strength. Later he would be transferred to the Royal Flying Corps and command a Training Squadron in England. A BE2 also flew out of Kut. Remaining in Kut were five RFC Officers, most of the ground crews of A and B Flights and three unserviceable aircraft. Several Australian mechanics of the Mesopotamian Half Flight are also stranded in the besieged town. Defending Kut are troops of the Indian and British Armies.

Farman MF.7 Longhorn

December 8th, 1915:

Western Front: 16 aircraft of 3rd Wing RFC were bombing the airfield of Hervilly despite a 100km/h strong western wind. The attack was repeated at the 14th of December.

December 11th, 1915:

Germany: Navy Airshil SL4 is destroyed in its hangar in Gale after the wind blowed a hangar door.

December 12th, 1915:

Western Front: RFC reports 11 Fokker E fighters in service.

December 14th, 1915:

Northern Sea: A Nieport seaplane of RNAS and a German seaplane trying to bomb a damaged british steamer have shot down each other.

December 18th, 1915:

Germany: First French air-raid by night on Metz Central-Station.

December 20th, 1915:

Western Front: Six German aircraft bombing the Belgian Kings HQ at La Panne.

December 29th, 1915:

Western Front: Six Fokker E fighter shot down a BE2c of No.8 Squadron RFC west of Cambrai. Ltn. Sholto Douglas (later RAF Air Marshal) in another BE2c could escape Oswald Boelcke and Max Immelmann by flying low level about 3m above the ground.


Aircraft of RFC bombing the Comines station and the airfield at Hervilly.

December 30th, 1915:

Saloniki: First German airraid by airshipts.

December 31st, 1915:

Western Front: German Luftstreitkraefter have now 86 Fokker E fighter in service. RFC lost 50 pilots and observer sue to the Fokkers since 1st of November.


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