Aerial War in October 1915

October 1st, 1915:

Western Front: The French Armée de l’Air now consists of 800 aircraft organized in 93 squadrons.

October 2nd, 1915:

Germany: German Luftstreitkräfte are transferring their first ‘Giant’ aircraft, probably a Siemens-Schuckert R.I to the Eastern Front. At October 13th it was assigned to the FFA 31 at Slonim.

Siemens-Schuckert R.I
Siemens-Schuckert R.I

Western Front: The French airship Alsace was shot down. 62 unescorted bomber were attacking the German HQ at Vouziers. They were intercepted by two German 2-Seaters. Two bombers were lost.

October 3rd, 1915:

Western Front: British observation balloons successfully cleared up 10 targets. French aircraft performed an air raid on Metz.


October 6th, 1915:

Mesopotamia: A RFC Martynside aircraft performed the first reconaissance flight at Baghdad.

October 8th, 1915:

France: The German airship LZ74 bombed railroad targets. While returning back to Darmstadt it touches a mountain peak in the Eifel and to crashed to the ground.

October 10th, 1915:

Western Front: 6 aircraft crews of RFC met first Fokker E Fighters.

October 12th, 1915:

Western Front: 19 French bomber, escorted by 3 Nieuport fighters, attacked Bozancourt

October 13th, 1915:

Great Britain: Heavieas attack of German airships so far. 5 Zeppelin airship dropped a total of 189 bombs with a total weight of 6.1 tons. L13, L14 and L15 were bombing London by night where 149 zivilists were killed. Another 50 were killed at other targets.

Western Front: Artillery-Observer of RFC enabled own troops to destroy German artillery at 17 locations in front of the British 1st Army.

October 25th, 1915:

Western Front: Ltn. Hallam of 10th Sqdn RFC landed his B.E.2c safe after being attacked by a Fokker E Monoplane. During that fight he got shot inb his hand and was unconscious for some minutes.

October 31st, 1915:

Western Front: German Luftstreitkräfte have a total of 55 Fokker E Monoplanes in service.

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