Aerial war in August 1915

August 1st, 1915

Western Front: German fighter ace Max Immelmann scored his first aerial victory in a Fokker E.I monoplane at Douai. With a long angry burst of his Spandau he wounded the pilot of a B.E.2c ‘Quirk’ while attacking the German airfield and forced him to land. Immelmann was awarded with the Iron Cross 1st Class for this victory and it marks the beginn of the so called ‘Fokker Scourge’.


August 5th, 1915

Adria: Austro-Hungarian troops captured an Italian airship at Pola.

August 6th, 1915

Eastern Front: The German airship L5 was seriously and unrepairable damaged by Anti Aircraft Artillery and they forced landing afterwards.

Eastern Front: A German Zeppelin bombed Minsk and Syedlets and caused some casulties at the Russian Headquarters.

August 7th, 1915

Isonzo Front, Italy: Italian writer, poet, journalist and aviator Gabriele D’Annunzio took part of his first sortie as crewmember of a floatplane in an air raid on Trieste.

August 8th, 1915

Isonzo Front, Italy: Italian air raid on the Montfalcone-Dockyard near Trieste.

August 9th, 1915

Great Britain: Four German Navy airship attacked Britains East-Coast in a nightly air raid, causing 38 casulties. Zeppelin L12 was damaged by Anti Aircraft Artillery at Dover and ditched in the sea at Zeebrugge. It could be hauled off by torpedo boats to Oosende while being attacked and bombed by 9 British aircraft of Ryal Naval Air Service. One plane was lost during that attack. Finally L12 was destroyed by a fire while being dismounted.

German Navy airship L12 flew over Margate, Ramsgate and Deal before it bombed Dover which was mistaken as naval base Harwich. Dropping 92 bombs, all except three fell into the sea.

Germany: German Aviatik aircraft shotdown four French bombers during an air raid on Saarbrücken.

August, 12th, 1915

Great Britain: An nightly air raid of three German airships on targets in East Suffolk and Essex caused 30 civil casulties.

Gallipoli: First torpedo attack flown by a floatplane. A Short-Floatplane from HMS Ben-my-Chree torpedoed a Turkish Vessel in the Marmara Sea.

A Short 184 floatplane.
A Short 184 floatplane.


HMS Ben-my-Chree
HMS Ben-my-Chree


August 14th, 1915

Western Front: French air raid with 10 bomber on the valley between Spada and Saint Mihiel.

August 15th, 1915

Italy: Air raid of some Austro-Hungarian floatplanes on Venice.

August 17th, 1915

Great Britain: An nightly air raid of two German airships on targets in Essex, Kent and London caused 58 civil casulties.

August 25th, 1915

Germany: 62 French Bomber aircraft dropped their load on the steel factory of Dillingen near Trier. As bombs they used modified 155mm artillery shells.

August 19th, 1915

Great Britain: Hugh Trenchard becomes Commander of the Royal Flying Corps (RFC).

August 20th, 1915

Austria-Hungary: Italy starts regular strategic air raids by night. 31 Caproni Ca2s are available for these air raids during 1915. 12 of them were bombing the Austo-Hungarian airfield at Asiovizza.

Caproni Ca 2
Caproni Ca 2

August 24th, 1915

GermanyFrench air raid into south Baden. Some French Caudron aircraft bombing the railway station of Lörrach.

August 26th, 1915

North Sea: Farman aircraft of Royal Naval Air Service from Dunkirk, Squad Commander Bigsworth, bombed and damaged a German Submarine north-west of Oostende.

Germany: The French Esc MF29 attacked the poison gas factory Roessler at Dronach.

Middle East: Four Martinsyde Scouts arrived Basra. Another four Farman aircraft are already there operated by No. 30 Squadron.

Martisyde S.1 Scout being unloaded from a barge at Basra
Martinsyde S.1 Scout being unloaded from a barge at Basra


Martinsyde S.1 at an airfield near Baghdad
Martinsyde S.1 at an airfield near Baghdad


August 27th, 1915

Western Front: French air raid on the railway station of Chatel, Argonne Forrest.


August 28th, 1915

Western Front: German air raid on Compiegne.

August 31st, 1915

Western Front: The early war French fighter ace Adolphe Pégoud (6 airkills) was shotdown near the city of Belfort and died at the age of 26.


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