Sale at RoF Store

Salute Gentlemen!

There’s a big sale at the Rof Store. From August 24th till September 1st you will get 60% off from everything except the Sikorsky S-22 Ilya Muromets and the new S-16.

Most fighter aircraft will cost now only $1.99 (~€1,73), Two-Seaters will cost about $2.39 (~€2.07) and the Big Birds between $2,79 and $3.19 (~€2,41 – ~€2,76). The most expensive Weapon Mode will cost $1.99 (~€1,73) and you can save your copy of the Channel Map for $3.59 (~€3.11).

So, if you not already own everything you want from Rise of Flight, this is quite a good chance to complete your hangar inventory on a fair price.

Hop over to the Store:

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