Bombs on Lörrach – French air raid into south Baden

Loerrach1906French aircraft have bombed the Lörrach railway-station on August 24th 1915. Lörrach is a small town in the south of Germany, near to the Switzerland border. In 1915 Lörrach had about 17.000 citizens.

From a strategical point of view it was quite interesting because it was a railway junction between Germany and Switzerland. Finally, it wasn’t a military target, but a civil one.

Lörrach was bombed several times during WWI. However, the military effect on these air raids were quite small. The railway station and other crucial infrastructure survived the war.

loerrachinadvertiserThe main effect was on civilian people, not even casulties, but psychological. The Freiburg psychologist and neurologist Alfred Hoche wrote an article about the direct symptoms of fear after an air raid: People are shaking and pale from fear, laughing hystrically or praying mechanically and sleepless.

But there was also a psychological effect on the allied civilians – news like this were spread all over the allied world and filnally received The Advertiser newspaper in Adelaide, South-Australia on August 27th.

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